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Property FAQ

Welcome to Carrick-on-Suir Properties, here you can save a fortune on Estate Agent fees!!!  


11/11/2016 - NOTE: We represent a small number of investors with ready-cash to buy property around Carrick, contact us to find out how you can sell your property immediately! 


Q. Is an Estate Agent necessary to sell my property?

A. No. There is a common misconception that estate agents are necessary to sell property and that they have some involvement in the legal side of the property sale. This is not so. The estate agent plays no part in the legal aspect of your house sale.

Q. I am already with an estate agent, can I also list my property on carrickonsuir.info?

A. If you are using an estate agent you may still list your property on carrickonsuir.info, as long as you have not signed Sole Selling Rights over to your Estate Agent.

Q. Do I need to hire a Solicitor if selling with carrickonsuir.info?

A. Yes. We absolutely recommend hiring a solicitor. Your solicitor handles all legal aspects of the property sale, regardless of whether you sell your property on carrickonsuir.info or with an Estate Agent.

Q. What are your fees? 

A. Listing costs vary depending on what elements you wish to display on your advert. Exact fees are displayed as you fill in the entry form. Payment can be made by Credit card via PayPal gateway, PayPal or bank transfer  Your advert stays on the site until your house sells. In addition, we can act on your behalf and set your details to private. We can also arrange viewings and engage in negotiations. Should you also wish to avail of this privacy service, we will be happy to discuss the various options with you.


Q. I have seen a property on your website that I am interested in. What do I do now?

A. If the property owner has supplied a telephone number, then simply call the owner, express your interest and arrange a suitable time to view the property. Alternatively you can send the owner an email via our private mailing system.

Q. Should I be wary of buying directly from a property owner?

A. Not at all. By dealing with the owner directly you will receive the answer to any question you have about the property. You can also get a better feel for the property and the neighbourhood by talking to the owner. Also if you place an offer you can get direct feedback and no frustrating wait for the middle man to get back to you!

Once you have agreed a price with the property owner, you will appoint a surveyor and a solicitor in exactly the same manner as if you had found your property via an estate agent.

Q. Do I pay a booking deposit to the property owner?

A. No. Never hand money or cheques over to the property owner. All money should be handled by the solicitors for both parties.

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