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History of Carrick-on-Suir - The Carrick Knot



The Carrick Knot or Bend is without doubt the symbol of the tradition and history of the town’s association with the tidal waters of the River Suir. Imprinted in stone on the huge fireplace of the main Banqueting Hall of the Ormond Castle since the 16th Century, the open ended loops as used by the great boatmen, fishermen and “Sailors of the Realm” is clear for all to see. The modernity of this simplistic rope entwinement is further emphasized in framed copybook versions of nautical knots! Its title is as above.

Recent enquiries by the author when presented with a lapel pin as a gift, brought into play a coincidence of huge proportions. The logo was none other than the “Carrick Knot”; the place a seaside town in Cornwall; its name: Carrick! It was also the official logo of the Carrick District Council. Enquiries revealed that its origin was late 18th Century leading to the conclusion that Carrick-on-Suir had stolen a march by approx. 200 years.

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Mary Power
This is an awesome website, I really enjoyed the past hour or so that I've spent on it - Made me feel a bit homesick. Well done to all involved.