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History of Carrick-on-Suir - Norman Griffin


The town of Carrick is often referred to as of Norman origin by virtue of its early name of Carrick-na-Griffin relating to a major Norman landowner Matthew Fitzgriffin of Knocktopher otherwise called “Lord of the Manor” (circa early 13th century). Other such names include Fitz Anthony, De Valle (Wall), Lundy (Landy), De Brett (Brett), Maydewell (Mandeville) all of which are mentioned in early town history.

The Normans had great battling qualities, great fighters and prominent military personnel. In Carrick-on-Suir, one such Norman family, De Cantillon, Thomas and his wife Dionysia founded an Augustinian Church along the Suir side, going towards what we now know as upper Castle Street. Many of the old Norman names after many derivations still remain in this area. The Hearth Tax Records 1665-1667 for “Villa De Carricke” which can be viewed at the Heritage Centre, provide us with the most interesting sequences of the remnants of the old “names” which are easily decipherable and constitute many of the surnames we recognise amongst present day inhabitants.

The following is a sample of the names that appear in these records:
My Lord Duke
Teyke Morise
John Carew
Hugh Neale
Phillippe Stapleton
Richard Murihy
Thomas Gaule
Thomas Johnes
Thomas Kerneicke
Michell Keating 
Edmond Mortimer
James Comerford
James Harteedy
Wm. Kennedy
Richard Cahill
Gullise Corban
Marcus Hanrecan
Phillippe Walsh Smith
John Delaney
Elizabeth Wadding 
John Quidihie
George McGrath
Nicholas Brenan
Paule Donekin
Willm. Barrett
Peeter Brenocke
Willm. Farrel
Morrish Power
John Daniell
Richard Conway    

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