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Landmarks - Mahon Falls


Mahon Falls


Mahon falls is a must see for all visitors to the area. This area provides breathtaking sights in the most tranquil of settings. As well as the magnificent waterfall visitors are also treated to an experience which can only be described as magical, which is described below. This drive from Carrick-on-Suir offers some sensational views of the mountains, and the many high viewing points on the way provide excellent panoramas over the green countryside below.

Turn right at the sign for Mahon Falls About 150 metres further up the road you will go down in a small incline. This part is known as the Magic Road. Stop at the fairy tree situated a few yards from the road to your left and turn off the engine. You will find to your amazement that the car will travel backwards up the hill.

A few hundred metres further on you will come to a car park and a signpost tells you that the footpath will bring you to the Mahon Falls. It is a pleasant and easy family walk and will take about 15 minutes. The best time to visit the falls is after a heavy rainfall when water is cascading with immense force down the steep rock face to the pools several hundred feet below. This is sheep country; but the wild feral mountain goats with their impressive curved horns are easily spotted on the precipitous slopes.


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